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The Chap is reporting that Doctor Who will be wearing… wait for it… Chinese tweed. Apparently the costumers have sourced star Matt Smith’s jackets from a Canadian company which in turn sources its tweed not from the iconic Harris Tweed, but from mills in East Asia. Not only that, but the fabric is an acrylic blend.

The new Doctor’s wardrobe (including bowtie & braces) was a key part of the conception of the new series of the iconic Doctor Who series. I spoke with the Doctor (Matt Smith) and the writer of the new show (Steven Moffat) last year for my radio show, and was sure to touch on it. Last year, weavers on Harris & Lewis were overwhelmed by demand from fans of the show. This year, will those fans be phoning Beijing?

It may feel absurd to declare a change in wardrobe sourcing to be a “betrayal,” as The Chap does, but there are few more significant and beloved shows in British television than Doctor Who, few more significant costumes than The Doctor’s, and few more significant fabrics than Harris Tweed. So, let it be said: BETRAYAL!

Tweed: SERIOUS BUSINESS. Apparently.

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    Under the cut there is some fashion talk about tweeds blah blah blah. Here’s what actually matters to me: "Matt Smith’s...
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    Tweed: SERIOUS BUSINESS. Apparently.
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    For SHAME, Doctor.
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    Indeed, BETRAYAL.
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    I wear Chinese tweed now… …Chinese tweed is cool.
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    Canadian :D
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    I’ll have you know that ain’t just Canadian craftsmanship, it’s NEWFIE craftsmanship :D
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